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Latest update on drug-related deaths and mortality in Europe

The EMCDDA has published today its latest update on Drug-related deaths and mortality in Europe. The information provided in the report is collected through the EMCDDA’s expert network on drug-related deaths (DRD). The updates presented shed light on important public health challenges faced by European policymakers and stakeholders, with regard to monitoring, prevention, risk assessment, harm reduction and drug treatment. Below are some of the findings ‘At a glance’. 30.07.2019 
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EU and Russian drugs agency chiefs meet in Moscow to exchange information and good practice

Representatives of the EMCDDA and the General directorate for drug control of the Ministry of internal affairs of the Russian Federation are meeting in Moscow to discuss and exchange views on the drug situation in the European Union and the Russian Federation. The meeting marks EMCDDA Director Alexis Goosdeel’s first official visit to Russia, and is a follow-up to a Russian official visit to the EMCDDA in September last year. 24.07.2019 
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