Prevention technologies — European prevention conference opens today

What do we know about how research evidence is used in the ‘real world’ of prevention? How can we take advantage of technology to promote the use of evidence in policy and practice? What are some of the biggest implementation challenges in prevention and how do we address these? These are among the questions being addressed this week at the 9th annual conference of the European Society for Prevention Research (EUSPR) (24–26 October). 24.10.2018 
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Lisbon to host Third European conference on addictive behaviours and dependencies — Registration and call for abstracts now open

Leading international experts in the field of addiction science will meet in Lisbon from 23–25 October 2019 for the Third European conference on addictive behaviours and dependencies. The theme of the conference is ‘The future of addictions: new frontiers for policy, practice and science’. Registration and a call for abstracts open today. 23.10.2018 
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New EMCDDA Paper explores the illicit captagon market

What is captagon? Where is it used and produced? Can it be linked to terrorist attacks in Europe? These are some of the questions explored in the latest edition in the EMCDDA Papers series launched today Captagon: understanding today’s illicit market. The report provides an overview of what is currently known about the captagon phenomenon in order to assist those working in the illicit drugs field who may need to respond to the issue. 22.10.2018 
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Alexis Goosdeel pays official visit to Cyprus

EMCDDA Director Alexis Goosdeel is paying an official visit to Cyprus today, where he is meeting with health and security officials. This is in line with the EMCDDA Strategy 2025, which aims to contribute to a healthier and more secure Europe. 10.10.2018 
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Low-THC cannabis products being sold in the EU – key legal issues

Since 2017, herbal cannabis and cannabis oils have been offered for open sale in health food shops or specialist shops in several EU countries, including France, Italy, Luxembourg and Austria. Sales have taken place based on the claim that these products have little or no intoxicating effect and therefore are not controlled under drug laws. The EMCDDA network of national legal correspondents recently addressed this issue. 09.10.2018 
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EMCDDA Director meets German Drug Commissioner

EMCDDA Director Alexis Goosdeel is paying an official visit to Germany today at the invitation of the Federal Drug Commissioner Marlene Mortler. Discussions will centre on the further development of cooperation between Germany and the EMCDDA and the agency’s work priorities as outlined in Strategy 2025 and the Programming document 2018–20. 01.10.2018 
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I nadále prosíme odborníky o spolupráci v rámci systému včasného varování před novými drogami - NOVÉ DROGY - JAK POSTUPOVAT

Celonárodní studie mapující fenomén užívání psychedelických látek a konopí v ČR (tzv. národní psychedelický výzkum) probíhá na stránce psychedelickyvyzkum.cz