Season’s greetings and warm wishes for a safe and healthy 2021

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Dear colleagues, At the start of this year, when we embarked on our 25 years of monitoring celebrations, we knew it was going to be a special 12 months. Little did we know then just how unusual and challenging the year would turn out to be… 2020 has been a tough year. COVID-19 has had a disruptive impact on all of our lives, and on the drug phenomenon in Europe, and some of the repercussions may be long-lasting. 18.12.2020 

Prosíme, zúčastněte se Evropské on-line studie o drogách (dotazník je v češtině). 

Informace o studii jsou v rubrice Studie EWSD a další informace na facebookové stránce vyzkumdrogyinfo