2011 Annual Report: The Czech Republic Drug Situation

The National Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction would like to acknowledge the support and assistance of all the collaborators, members of working groups, organisations, institutions, and bodies that provided the necessary data and contributed to the interpretation of the data for their help and cooperation during the preparation of this annual report. Their names can be found in the reference list or in the text of the report.

For bibliographical citations:

Mravčík, V., Grohmannová, K., Chomynová, P., Nečas, V., Grolmusová, L., Kiššová, L., Nechanská, B., Fidesová, H., Kalina, K., Vopravil, J., Kostelecká, L., Jurystová, L. (2012) Annual Report: The Czech Republic – 2011 Drug Situation. Prague: Office of the Government of the Czech Republic.

All errata are incorporated.