Focused (bulletin)

The publisher of the journal is the Office of the Government of the Czech Republic. Publication is provided by the National Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Addictions, which is part of the Office.Registration number of the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic: E 14088.

The title Zaostreno na drogy - Focused on Drugs - was published in 2003-2014 (12 editions) as a bimonthly magazine; the printed version has ISSN 1214-1089. On-line version: ISSN 2788-2594. The ISSN for the electronic version was assigned retrospectively, so it is not listed in the cover of each issue.

Since 2015, in a new graphic design, the periodical is published under the title Zaostreno - Focused; the printed version has ISSN 2336-8241. It is published at least twice a year. On-line version: ISSN 2788-2608.

Some issues are also published in an English version. These issues can be found here. Issues published only in Czech language are available on the Czech website on the Zaostreno page.