Situation Reports CZ

Till 2020, the National Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Addiction processed 2 annual reports each year - on the state of drug affairs and on gambling. From 2021, several thematically focused reports and a summary report on addictions are being prepared.

Recently, these reports have been published:

Structure of the individual reports is similar and is based on the classic structure of the annual report on drugs, which has been prepared since 2002. It therefore covers every topic in its entirety - from national policy and legislation, to supply and availability, rates and patterns of use, to health and social impacts including crime. The reports also include information on prevention and treatment and, in 2021, the impacts of COVID-19.

Full reports (PDF) are now available in only in Czech language; till 2014, full reports were published also in English. Main findings are presented as a special edition of the bulletin Focused. - See the section Publications EN.

Information on the drug situation in the Czech Republic is also available on the EMCDDA website, using the country-specific data search tool. 2022 data search: