Map of Aid

In the Map of Aid you can search for contacts and addresses of facilities providing services, counselling and prevention activities by regions of the Czech Republic and type of service. The Map of Aid is maintained by the Czech National Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Addiction: contact e-mail.

Other information sources

  • A leaflet for newcomers from Ukraine who would need addictology help (in Ukrainian and Czech language): ДОПОМОГА В ЧЕСЬКЕ РЕСПУБЛІЦІ ДЛЯ ЛЮДЕЙ ЯКІ ВЖИВАЮТЬ АЛКОГОЛЬ, НАРКОТИЧНІ РЕЧОВИНИ, ГРАЮТЬ АЗАРТНІ ІГРИ АБО МАЮТЬ ІНШІ ЗАЛЕЖНОСТІ. In the introductory section How and where to seek help? contains links to main websites of assisting services and also provides an explanation of the types of services in the free assistance network in the Czech Republic. The leaflet was prepared by A.N.O. - Association of non-governmental organizations in cooperation with the Secretariat of the Government Council for the Coordination of Drug Policy.
  • HIV testing (interactive map and list of testing centres) and HIV/AIDS treatment: The site has also other language mutations: Czech, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Ukrainian, Polish and Vietnamese
  • Communication cards in the field of medicine and pharmacy for the newcomers from Ukraine - communication cards for communication with a medical doctor (Ukrainian, Czech) and communication card for communication with a pharmacist (Ukrainian, Russian, Czech).
  • Umapa - Ukrainian Community Map - information for Ukraine refugees prepared by civic society iniciatives and NGOs. The map should respond to the current needs of Ukraine refugees, such as where the nearest doctor is, where to put Ukrainian children in kindergartens and school, where there is a counselling center, psychological help or a meeting place for people who came from Ukraine.We add new places every day. Available as a website and as mobile phones application.



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