DO YOU USE DRUGS? HOW MANY? WHY? EMCDDA launches 2024 European Web Survey on Drugs to assess patterns of drug use in over 30 countries

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(21.05.2024, LISBON, and 23.05.2024, PRAHA) Do you use drugs? How many? Why? These are among the questions posed in the latest European Web Survey on Drugs, EWSD 2024. Targeted at people, aged 18 and over, who have used drugs, the survey aims to improve understanding of patterns of drug use in Europe and help shape future drug policies and interventions.


The voluntary, anonymous survey — one of the agency’s targeted ‘leading-edge’ monitoring methods. As in previous years, it is promoted nationally by the Reitox focal points and their partners, as well as through targeted social media advertisements. The Czech Republic is one of the 36 countries in which the European Online Study (EWSD) is taking place this year, and this is the third time we have participated.

Link to the EWSD 2024 survey in Czech language: 

From the introduction of the Czech questionnaire it is possible to switch to the questionnaire in English. This questionnaire is intended for people who reside in the Czech Republic (regardless of citizenship). If you are resident in another country and wish to participate in the survey, please select the relevant version of the questionnaire from the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA) website.

More detailed information about the EWSD 2024 study is available in a press release issued by the EU's Lisbon-based drug agency (EMCDDA), on the EMCDDA website and social media. (full text attached)

The National Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Addictions thanks everyone who takes part in the study by answering the questions and asks them to share the link to the questionnaire. You will enable us to better understand why people use drugs and how the situation in the Czech Republic compares to other countries where the study is taking place.

Results of the previous wave of the Czech part of the study, EWSD 2021, were published in the bulletin Zaostřeno No. 6/2022 (in Czech language).