Report on Gambling in the Czech Republic 2021

Both the full text of the Report on Gambling in the Czech Republic 2021 and its introductory summary have been published only in the Czech language.

Gambling is part of an integrated addiction policy at the national, regional and municipal levels. The Ministry of Finance is the regulatory authority for gambling. The Government's coordinating and advisory body on addiction policy is the Government Council for Addiction Policy Coordination.

Gambling sector in Czechia has been significantly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and the measures taken in relation to it in 2020-2021. The pandemic has had an impact on the gambling market, the availability of gambling, the supply of sports betting, lifestyle, leisure and other factors influencing gambling behaviour and, last but not least, the supply and availability of prevention, counselling and treatment for gamblers and their relatives.

All annual reports on the situation of addiction in the Czech Republic published so far can be found on the Czech version of this website. Reports translated into English are available here, under Our publications and bulletin Focused - Annual Reports